OUR Mayor drops the RACE CARD and is officially inaugurated as “Mayor Race PIMP”


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Worcester Mayor O’Brien Orchestrates Trashing of

Tea Party Election Complaints at Feb 17th Meeting

DRAFT — Press Release:    For Release Immediately

Date:                                February 17, 2011

FROM:                              Len Mead, Tea Party Correspondent

Phone: 508 366-1822 mailto:mead1720@gmail.com

C/O PO Box 1515 130 Milk St,

Westborough, MA  01581

N2N Leader and Moon Bat Mayor Barak O'Brien drops the race card

Worcester MA —  Joseph O’Brien, Worcester Mayor, orchestrated a trashing and smear of Tea Party Election Fraud Complaints at an Election Commission Hearing tonight at Worcester City Hall.  After meeting with a group of about 10 Neighbor to Neighbor members prior to the meeting, he then spoke to Worcester Election Commission and audience in response to the 12- page sworn statement complaint of Fraudulent Election actions filed in November, 2010 by Tea Party Activists Desiree Awiszio,  Jeff Rosenberg and  Cecilia DelGaudio.  Many of the complaints cited Neighbor to Neighbor members wearing their T-Shirts bringing minority and non- English speaking individuals to the polls and allegedly instructing them about how and who to vote for and then accompanying them into the voting booths.  Other complaints included Neighbor to Neighbor members assisting individuals to vote using highly questionable means of identification – from addresses that were not on the voting rolls.

To the audible  gasps of complaint advocates,  Mayor O’Brien defensively stated that 43,000 people voted in Worcester with no complaints, and that now time, trouble and money have been spent for four months on a “frivolous case” from only two complainers who supported a losing candidate and don’t even live in Worcester.   He then continued,  “These losers apparently don’t like advocate groups like Neighbor to Neighbor because NTN supports people of low income, minorities, whose skin color isn’t the same as ours.”  He finished asserting that he applauds the efforts of N2N to educate and assist minorities, some who don’t speak English and “may not understand the process.”He concluded that, “For conservatives who want lower costs and taxes, we can all hope this is the last time we will have to spend more time and money on this matter.”

In 2006, Mayor O’Brien worked as campaign manager for former Worcester Mayor Timothy Murray, now Lt. Governor;  and from 2007 to 2009, the Mayor served as the District Director for Democrat Congressman James P. McGovern, then becoming his re-election campaign manager.   In that role, O’Brien successfully defeated McGovern’s  Republican challenger Marty Lamb who sat in the front row of tonight’s meeting but did not speak publicly.

As Democrat Jim McGovern’s Campaign Manager running against Republican businessman Marty Lamb, Mayor O’Brien is not new at smearing perceived or real opponents.  Marty Lamb suffered two smear 4-color mailings orchestrated by the McGovern campaign at the last minute.  One mailer photo-shopped Mr. Lamp in a sheep’s head claiming that Mr Lamb is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who wants to take away social security and Medicare.  The final 4-color mailing  featured a Wing Nut on the cover suggesting that Mr. Lamb was a “wing nut” and would also want to take away the minimum wage and child labor laws.  Such Democrat smears and deceptions were apparently needed to re-elect Democrat Mr. McGovern.

Desiree Awiszio then spoke in response to the Mayor’s comments, quivering with rage and exhausted from a serious cold and barely able to stand.  Tea Party activist and campaign manager for Mr Lamb, Ms. Awiszio immediately called the Mayor’s comments outrageous lies.  “You are trashing our [unpaid] work and trying to sweep it under the rug” she asserted.

Others spoke supporting the complaints including Tea Party Activists Bonnie Johnson from Worcester and Len Mead from Westborough.  Three members of Neighbor to

Acorn / N2N Leader

Neighbor spoke, plus a Democrat Rep James O’Day from West Boylston / Worcester, all claiming proudly that NTN is just trying to educate the poor and minorities about voting and that members should proudly wear their T Shirts.   Much emphasis was spent discussing whether wearing “non-partisan” T shirts was a major election violation.   “What have we come to?” said Mr. O’Day, “What if Curt Schilling wanted to run for office – are we going to bar him from voting in a Red Sox uniform?”

The Election Commission asserted in response that they had taken the complaints seriously and done all they could, not being a venue for prosecuting criminal election actions.  They plan more poll watching training and efforts to improve voter list accuracy.

After the Election Fraud part of the meeting, the Neighbor to Neighbor supporters assembled with Mayor Jim O’Brien outside his office where he fondly supported their efforts to come and speak up for their work in educating the poor and minorities about voting.

Barak O’Bobble the Unwashed

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7:38: Tina Hood is here to talk about making drastic cuts. She says citizens are making cuts. So are her employers. She wants a 10-20% cut across the board in expenditures. “It’s about time you guys started doing that. You guys spend willy-nilly.”

J.O’Brien clarifies that setting the tax rate is a separate discussion from appropriating the budget. But he appreciates her comments.


But will he do anything to reduce government spending at the local level? I seriously doubt it.

The fiscally sane one shows us that she heard Tina’s comment and that she is probably the only one on the council that “gets it”.

7:52: Lukes says that if the public wants to know how expenditures are dealt with, in reference to Hood, (who’s still here) she points out the line in the Manager’s report that says “this will be the third year of significant cuts.” Lukes points out there will be/have been reductions in staff. To prevent budget from going up you have to cut people — this is the difficult decision. “It looks like we’re going in that direction.”


Is that your dog? Does he bite?

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Obviously Photo shopped. But funny all the same.


Wish you were here Barak!

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